A Clustering Validation Index Based on Semantic Description

In clustering problems where the objective is not based on specifically spatial proximity, but rather on feature patterns and the semantic description, traditional internal cluster validation indices might not be appropriate. This article proposes a …

CNN classification subject to practical aspects of Search and Rescue UAV missions

A Network Modeling and Analysis of COVID-19 Hospital Patient Data

There are currently large amounts of public databases on COVID-19 patients. Among them the FAPESP COVID-19 Data Sharing/BR has gathered laboratory tests and hospitalization data from large health centers in the São Paulo metropolitan area. This paper …

A-Star Based Algorithm Applied to Target Search and Rescue by a UAV Swarm

Navigation Aids Based on Optical Flow and Convolutional Neural Network

Semi-Supervised Learning for Intelligent Surveillance

Autonomous and Collective Intelligence for UAV Swarm in Target Search Scenario

Classification of Denial of Service Attacks on Wi-Fi-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Detecção de Drones Intrusos

Considerations on Domain-Specific Architectures Applicability in Future Avionics Systems