Multi-Sensor Image Based Navigation

Aerial navigation in GNSS contested environments is a challenge for both manned and unmanned aircraft. This research project aims to study and develop technologies and algorithms to address the problem of aerial navigation without relying on GNSS, focusing on a specific image-based navigation with multi-sensor fusion in order to get a precise localization of the aircraft. The proposal application to be used in this research project is related to an aerial transport of goods in a remote area (challenging environment and low risk area), using real time image processing and another embedded sensor processing to improve the aircraft localization, without using GNSS data. This application has a dual use (both military and civil).

This is a Brazil-Sweden collaboration research project that will be carried out by applied master’s and doctoral researchers at the education and technology institutes of Brazil (IEAv and ITA) and Sweden (LiU), using real data collected in flight tests, and including the participation of engineers from the aeronautical industry from both Brazil (Embraer) and Sweden (Saab). This is a 3-year project with initial TRL 3 and final TRL 5.

Filipe A. N. Verri
Filipe A. N. Verri

My research interests include data science, machine learning, complex networks, and complex systems.