Wildfire Risk Prediction

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications have witnessed significant advancements across diverse domains, including surveillance, agriculture, disaster management, and environmental monitoring. UAV sensors can gather critical data, enabling real-time decision-making and enhancing operational capabilities.

[Done] Autonomous Search System

This project has ended in December 2023. Objectives: Demonstrate aerial autonomous search and rescue systems (manned/unmanned), using image-based Automatic Target Search System. Means of pattern recognition, perception, reasoning, decision-making, and machine learning combining available resources for situation assessment and action on Search and Rescue missions.

[Done] Multi-Sensor Image Based Navigation

This project has ended in April 2024. Aerial navigation in GNSS contested environments is a challenge for both manned and unmanned aircraft. This research project aims to study and develop technologies and algorithms to address the problem of aerial navigation without relying on GNSS, focusing on a specific image-based navigation with multi-sensor fusion in order to get a precise localization of the aircraft.

A Cyber-Physical System Roadmap to Last-Mile Delivery Drones

A cyber-physical system's roadmap propose applicable for last-mile delivery drones.