Research group accredited by the National Research Infrastructure Platform

Our research group infrastructure has been registered in the National Research Infrastructure Platform (PNIPE).

The registration further promotes the collaboration of the group with other Brazilian laboratories.

More about PNIPE

The PNIPE aims to systematically map and gather information on research infrastructures in Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions (STIs) in Brazil, enabling access for the scientific and technological community and companies to existing laboratory facilities and research equipment, promoting their shared use.

PNIPE intends to:

  • Provide the scientific and technological community access to information on existing research infrastructures, including their location, applications and conditions of use;
  • Foster the research infrastructure’s potential of innovation by giving visibility and insights for companies to cooperatively improve their products and develop new technologies;
  • Encourage the shared use of resources and collaboration between research groups from different areas, institutions and regions, consolidating collaborations between them;
  • Optimize the use of laboratory facilities and scientific research equipment to avoid fragmentation and duplicated efforts; and
  • Optimize the use of public resources in the preventive and corrective maintenance of existing infrastructures, as well as in the creation of new facilities and new equipment acquisition.

Examples of research infrastructures are: large research facilities, laboratories, pilot plants, animal facilities, clean rooms, high-performance computer networks, databases, collections, observatories, telescopes, research ships, natural reserves, experimental stations, among others.